Policies & Procedures 2021-22


The Dancer’s Pointe offers dance classes for ages three through adult including Pre-dance for three to five year olds, Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, and Hip Hop.  With Ballet technique being the foundation for most dance training, students are strongly encouraged to incorporate a Ballet class into their schedules.

Dress Code

  • Pre-dance and Ballet classes:  pink tights, a plain black leotard (no ruffles, rhinestones, or attached skirts) and pink leather, or canvas ballet shoes. A close fitting wrap sweater or shrug is acceptable when necessary. Leg warmers and short wrap skirts are optional but should be removed upon the instructor’s request. Shoulder length hair needs to be in a proper bun or clipped securely out of the face.  Shorter hair should be secured away from the face. Boys wear a white t-shirt, black bike shorts or dark stretch pants, white socks and black ballet shoes. 

  • Jazz classes: tights, leotard, or half turners.  Dance (booty) shorts, or jazz pants in cooler weather.  Pants must not be so long they interfere with footwork in class and should be removed upon instructor request. 

  • Tap classes: the same tights and leotard may be used as in ballet.  Caramel colored Mary Janes will be required for K-1-2 Ballet/Tap. (Capezio’s caramel is Bloch’s tan). Older tap students will wear black oxford taps and possibly caramel Character heels and caramel Character heels with taps.

  • Hip Hop or Jr. Jazz Funk:  wear cropped pants, tank top, and either jazz shoes, jazz sneakers, or regular sneakers which can be devoted to dance class ONLY. Black and white Converse Chuck Taylers have proven to be a good choice.

  • Contemporary and Lyrical: Leotards, footless tights and nude half turners are recommended.

  • Note: Shoes to be worn for recital will be determined when costumes are chosen.

  • All hair needs to be secured away from the face.  NO jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets or large rings.

  • Please mark your name in all shoes and clothing. The Dancer’s Pointe is not responsible for lost items. Check the lost and found basket in the dressing room when necessary.

  • Please try to keep your belongings together, preferably in a dance bag with your name and phone number written on it.  We have The Dancer’s Pointe drawstring bags available if you don’t already have one.

  • Leave money and valuables at home.


  • Steady attendance is crucial to progress with dance.  Please call if your child will be absent from class due to illness.  Students arriving after class has begun are expected to ask the teacher’s permission to be admitted to class.  Depending upon how late and how much has been missed, the teacher may elect to have the dancer join in or sit and observe the remainder of class.  This is not a punishment but rather a safety precaution.  Excessive unexcused absences may result in your child being switched to a lower level class and/or not being allowed to perform in the recital.  The studio will open 15 minutes prior to the first class of the day.  Please arrive ten minutes before your class.  If waiting for rides after class, students need to remain INSIDE THE BUILDING.  If your child has not been picked up 15 minutes after the last class of the night there will be a sitting fee of $20.00.

  • No Refunds.

COVID-19 Policies​ (When Necessary)

  • In case of illness, either due to common illness or pandemic associated strains, STAY HOME.

  • The Dancer's Pointe will adhere to and follow directives as outlined in Frankfort. If the COVID pandemic is active, we will continue wearing masks and social distancing.

  • No Refunds.



  • DO NOT PARK in the church lot next door. They are less than happy to have additional cars in their lot.  If the front lot is filled, you may pull next door at 205 LaGrange Road and park behind the studio where we have a rear entrance.  Access to the garage door adjacent to the studio and the large red building in back must be kept clear at all times.


  • ABSOLUTELY NO STREET SHOES ARE ALLOWED ON THE DANCE FLOOR. If you must cross the dance floor,  please remove your shoes. Dirt and gravel from outdoors are damaging to the floor and no fun to dance on. All dance shoes are specifically designed for dance floor use only and the wearing of dance shoes outdoors shortens the life of the shoes and the dance floor. Likewise, do not wear dance shoes outdoors. Dance shoes worn outdoors will NOT be allowed on the studio floors.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING, FOOD, GUM, or DRINKS OTHER THAN WATER ARE ALLOWED. THIS EXTENDS TO DANCERS, SIBLINGS, PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS, etc. This includes cheerios, pretzels, candy, gum, etc.  Also, any dirty diapers need to be taken with you after changing.

  • The dressing room remains closed until further notice. Dancers and their belongings have first priority for lobby space with parents waiting outside.

  • The waiting area is intended to be a quiet area. Please be respectful of the learning environment and keep voices low and siblings quiet. The hallways and foyers need to kept clear for passage for business activities and in case of emergency-please no toys sprawled in these areas.

  • Dancers should enter the building quietly, place their outerwear neatly in the waiting area, and wait quietly for class to begin.  Please remember to use the restroom BEFORE class begins.  Potty breaks have a contagious effect.

  • We reserve the right to be selective and/or deny service to anyone when necessary.

Spring Performance

  • Our Spring Performance is the third Saturday in May at Louisville Memorial Auditorium.  An annual performance helps to develop a child’s self-confidence by showcasing their hard work and dedication for an audience.  Each dancer is encouraged to participate, although it is not a requirement.  A costume will be ordered for your dancer approximate cost of $65-75.  A $60 deposit will be collected by October 15.  A Performance Fee will be announced after our rental agreement is finalized, usually $100.00 per family, which includes 5 tickets to the performance and a professional copy of the DVD.   Personal videotaping and photography is not permitted during the performance but is allowed for dress rehearsal.  Dress rehearsal is mandatory.  If you do not attend dress rehearsal, you will not be permitted to perform.  Also, as a display of respect to our dancers for their hard work throughout the year, our audience and fellow dancers are expected to remain for the entire show.  While some of our families never have to think about safety with regard to custody there are others for which custody issues are very real.  With this in mind we will continue to   opt for safety as opposed to convenience.  Being responsible for our dancers for the entire show and releasing them to their parents at the end of the show is our best known method.  It also allows those dancers who close the show to have the same benefit of a full audience as the dancers who open the show.  Everyone works hard and your applause is their reward. A full house generates enthusiasm and a feeling of pride for a job well done. 

The Pointe Shop

  • Check it out for dancewear, tights, and accessories. We encourage you to consign your outgrown shoes and dancewear in very good condition in our Consignment Corner.



  • Phone messages will be checked before the teacher’s day begins- usually before 4:00 pm, and after the last evening class.  If you need to discuss a special concern regarding your child, please send a note, or leave a message. Your call will be returned as soon as reasonably possible.

  • In the event of snow or severe weather, classes will usually be cancelled when Oldham County schools are cancelled.  If in doubt, please phone the studio (502-243-2522) after 12:00 noon or tune into FOX 41 News, WAVE 3 News or WHAS check your e-mail for snow closing updates.  Please make sure we have a current work or cell number in case weather worsens during the day.  Note: We may have class on certain days that schools are out.

  • Please provide us with your e-mail address for newsletters, reminders, and notifications. Please remember to update us if you change.

  • Remember to periodically stop in and check the studio bulletin board (across from the water fountain) for important information and events.

  • We look forward to this being a great new year for you, your child and The Dancer’s Pointe staff.