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Studio Updates

2022-23 Class Enrollment

We are working on the schedule now. Anyone who has not taken our survey and is interested in joining us for our 2022-23 season, please fill out our enrollment form. 

Covid-19 Policies

When reporting for class at the studio, we’ll have a waiver for you to sign EACH TIME acknowledging that you have not been in contact with anyone displaying COVID symptoms for 14 days;  that you do not have a fever or shortness of breath;  that you have not travelled to a highly contagious area with COVID spikes for 14 days.  Only dance attire, street shoes and mask are to be worn.  You need to make sure hair is in a bun and out of the face.  Carry your dance shoes and a filled water bottle.  The dressing room is off limits as is the water fountain.  Enter and exit thru the door closest to your class.  Most classes will meet in the front studio, however Hip Hop, Tap, Tap/Jazz, and the Thursday Teen/Adult Ballet will meet in the back studio.  

You will enter, use hand sanitizer provided, and stand on your six foot spacing marks in the hallway for the front.  For the back, you’ll wait along the yellow tape marks on the exterior of the building  before entering and sanitizing.  Front studio dancers may use the front, green bathroom while back studio dancers use the back, blue bathroom.  Once inside, you may change into your dance shoes and enter the classroom placing your street shoes and water bottle at one of the designated 6 ft. tape markings along the barre.  You will then be instructed to either remain at the barre or be asked to take your place in one of the 6’x6’ squares on the floor.  Spacing will be staggered so everyone will actually have a 6’x12’ space within which to move.  Masks are to be worn, but we’ll limit the amount of jumping and high oxygen use movement.  We’ll take ample breaks to lower masks and get some good cleansing breaths.  Note that we have 15 minutes between classes in order to use CaviCide spray and UV wands to help sanitize before the next class is invited in.  Parents will not be in the building, but will wait outside.  It is imperative that you and your dancer(s) are prompt for arrival and dismissal.  Dancers from a previous class are not to be in the building while another class is entering.

Costume Pick Up: Please contact the studio to make arrangements.

2022-23 Dates to remember

1st Semester: Sept 6 - Jan 14, 2023

  • Sept 1: Tuition due

  • Sept 6: First day of classes

  • Oct 22: Costume deposit due

  • Oct 24-28: No classes - studio & Oldham County school fall break

  • Nov 22-26: No classes Thanksgiving week EXCEPT on Monday to make up for Labor Day

2nd Semester: Jan 16 - May 27, 2023

  • Jan 16: Tuition due

  • Dec 19 - Dec 31: No classes -Christmas Break

  • Jan 2: Classes resume

  • Feb 20-24: Studio Break

  • Mar 4: Performance fee & Costume balances due

  • Apr 3-8: No classes - Spring Break

Spring Performance

  • May 22 & 24: Dress rehearsal *MANDATORY to go on stage for performance

  • May 27: Performance Date

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